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Do you want to be part of a forward-looking project that considers the needs of tomorrow's different actors while being environmentally friendly? Join EVFLY now!

The first five years will be dedicated to the development of inter-regional air mobility. During this period, the acquisition of an irreproachable experience in terms of safety will allow us to be a reference in the urban air mobility market.

From 2028 onwards, the regulations and the first authorizations will be issued by the different countries and EVFLY will become a key player in the market.

We are currently working with the future eVTOL and eCTOL manufacturers to define with them our needs and expectations and we have currently signed pre-orders for 15 eVTOL aircraft with an option for 50 aircraft (for delivery until 2030).

Our proposal is to offer a safe, profitable, and flexible investment for EVFLY and for you. In addition, our team of experts will be able to expand our presence in potential markets by meeting the needs of new demanding customers.

Because we believe in the development of electric and other future technologies that will replace costly and energy-intensive combustion engines, we want to put our long experience in air transportation at the service of EVLFY to develop a new mobility solution.

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Establishment of EVFLY.
Setting up of the Head Office in Singapore. Opening of the regional office in Thailand. Signing of the first LOI for the first aircrafts.


Reception of the first electric conventional plane **eCTOL 7 seats.

Opening of regional offices in United Arab Emirates and Kenya.

Setting up of regional facilities, preparation of processes, signing of pre-orders more aircrafts.

Training of ground teams, pilots, maintenance, operations, and safety in Thailand.

Expansion of operations in South East Asia, establishment of operations in Africa and United Arab Emirates. Integration of new eVTOL orders.




The global eVTOL aircraft market is expected to reach USD 30.8 billion by 2030.

MARKETSANDMARKETS:eVTOL Aircraft Market Published Date: Nov 2021 | Report Code: AS 698


Reed Smith | Global air freight’s future - The sky is the limit 

The drone and eVTOL package delivery market is projected to grow from $2.1 billion in 2023 to $27.4 billion in 2030.


PitchBook forecasts that the global air taxi passenger mobility market to grow from approximately $1.5 billion in 2025 to more than $150 billion by 2035.

From eVTOLs to air taxis—a closer look at passenger air mobility By Kelly Knickerbocker June 17, 2021

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